The payroll loan of the Municipality of SP is a credit modality that has its payment installments directly discounted from the salary or benefit of the Municipal Servants. That is, every month, the payment is automatic.

As the discount is already programmed, the modality offers some advantages: the interest rates are lower and the payment deadlines are greater.

However, such a line of credit can only be used by certain specific groups of customers. These are: Effective, Active or Inactive Public Employees and Pensioners. However, Pensioners need to be directly connected to the São Paulo City Hall.

Are you in need of money and want to deposit a credit? Find out how you can consult the loanable margin of the SP City Hall. Check out!

What is the assignable margin of the SP City Hall?


The assignable margin is what dictates both the possibility and the amount that can be loaned to each Municipal Server . It is directly linked to the salary or benefit that is received monthly.

This limit was imposed by Law No. 10,820 of 2003 . The measure was created to avoid indebtedness, since, with the assignable margin, the client can only commit part of his income with this type of expense.

The SP municipal loan can be taken provided that your monthly installments do not exceed 30% of the salary or benefit. Therefore, of the net amount that a customer receives, only 30% can be discounted for the loan.

In addition, every payroll user of the City of SP may request a payroll deductible credit card, using exclusive and additional margin. The credit card can occupy another 5% of the monthly payments. That is, in total, each client can commit up to 35% of their income.

To find the assignable margin, just know how much you receive per month. With the knowledge of net worth, you need to find the 30% that can be used for loans.

Now, if the Server is in doubt or already has other consigned loans, there is another, even easier way. To find the allowable margin still available, ie the difference between the allowable and unused balance, it is possible to use an online credit simulator .

It is worth pointing out that each Server can have more than one loan at a time. However, the sum of the monthly installments of all credits can not exceed the assignable margin .

That is, even if a user uses more than one payroll loan from SP City Hall, only the 30% of the assignable margin will be taken.

So again, the online credit simulator is a tool that can help you figure out the margin and still find the best credit offers for the new contract.

Types of paper consignments

Types of paper consignments


Many people still do not know, but there are two types of consignment that are authorized in payroll . Therefore, the discount may be mandatory, by court order or by law. Or it may be to be optional when someone chooses that.

Compulsory Consignment


Compulsory assignment is mandatory. It happens by force of law or by a lawsuit. That is, the holders or beneficiaries of that income have no option to choose for the discount or not.

This type of consignment covers any discount that is mandatory. And, generally, these discounts happen for long periods or are intermittent.

This is the case of discounts for the contribution of the Social Security or the Social Security Plan, for example. Or the payment of alimony, which also happens automatically.

Optional Consignment


The optional consignment is any discount for which the owner or beneficiary has opted. That is, the values ​​that are debited only when the client decides for this and also authorizes them.

This assignment happens, for example, when a worker chooses to have a benefit such as a health plan, for example, that generates a discount on the sheet.

The optional consignment is also what happens when someone decides to take a payroll loan from the SP City Hall . The monthly rebates, in this case occur because the Server decides that it wants to consign a value.

Who is entitled to payroll?


The payroll assignment is available for Public Servers, Military and also Registered Workers in some private companies. Retirees and Pensioners are also entitled, since the discounts occur directly on their benefits.

Sheet rebates are processed by the systems that generate the payments. These payments can be wages or benefits.

It is important to emphasize that any consigned debt belongs only to the consignment takers.

More and more Servers are opting for payroll loan SP City. Besides the practicality in payment, which is automatic, this type of credit offers the lowest interest rates on the personal loan.

How does the Payroll Loan for PMSP Servers work?

Money and cash application


The payroll loan for PMSP Servers is the type of credit that has its installments automatically discounted. The discount happens on the paycheck of the Servers.

Therefore, in addition to the practicality at the time of payment, paycheck credit does not yet allow a Server to delay or fail to pay any monthly fee.

Therefore, the default risk is almost zero. And that gives you another advantage: cheaper interest rates .

The interest charged on the payroll loan is lower, since the financial transaction is low risk.

For PMSP Servers, payroll interest rates usually range from 1.51% to 2.05% per month. When compared to some personal loans the payroll is up to ten times cheaper.

The payment guarantee, which is automatic, also generates another great advantage. As payment is secured, banks can release loan even for those who are negative.

That is, the payroll loan is granted without consultation to the SPC or Serasa. Therefore, any Municipal Server that has the name dirty, can do a simulation and / or contracting. However, what determines whether or not a credit can be released is the disposable margin available .

The contracts of this loan may be repaid in longer periods than the others. For PMSP Servers (or IPREM beneficiaries), the amount borrowed can be divided up to 96 months.

However, the payment term may vary according to the amount borrowed and the age of the Server or beneficiary. The time for discharge also varies according to the agreement entered into between the employer and the financial institution.

How to hire a Payroll Loan Town Hall?

Payroll Loan and calculator


For Servers of the Municipality of São Paulo, before making a loan, it is always important to consult the agreement (s) that the City maintains. This is because each body may have separate agreements with each bank.

Currently, several financial institutions are authorized to enter credit. Another advantage is that it is not necessary to be a bank accountant who offers the best conditions to obtain credit.

So, to find the best credit offers, the interested party can do a simulation online . In this way, you can compare the interest rates and the Total Effective Cost of each contract.

Although various rules are stipulated by law, such as the interest rate cap, banks can create their own credit policies. So it is always important to research before closing any deal.

To hire a payroll loan from SP City Hall is very fast and easy! It is enough that the Server presents RG, CPF, an updated proof of residence and proof of payment of the last months.