The consignment in the sheet can be understood, in a simpler way, as the discount of a certain amount in the monthly payment .

Is there compulsory assignment? What is deducted from your payroll on a compulsory basis and what is optional? How does a payroll loan with payroll?

Have this and other questions answered. Find out what can and can not be deducted from your income.

So, how does payroll work?

The consignment is allowed for Retirees, Pensioners, Public Servants, Military and workers governed by the CLT , who have an agreement signed between the payer of the benefits and the authorized financial institution.

That is, it is necessary that company or autarchy that makes the monthly payment of these groups, has an agreement with the banks, to realize the consignation in the sheet and transfer of the money.

What is payroll consignment?


One of the biggest doubts is how this discount is made. But before understanding the process it is important to know two common terms the consignment transactions in sheet:


A natural or legal person, whether public or private, who is the addressee of the credits resulting from compulsory or optional assignments, as a result of a legal relationship established by contract with the consignee.


It is the agency or entity of the Federal Public Administration, direct or indirect, that proceeds to the discounts related to compulsory and optional consignment in the financial statements of the Active and Retired Public Servants and of the beneficiaries of pension, in favor of the consignee.


Retired, Pensioner, Public Servant, Military and the employee governed by CL T, who by contract has established with the consignee legal relationship that authorizes the deduction of the consignment.

More briefly, the consignor pays the benefits to civil servants, retirees and pensioners .

C onsignatário is the institution or individual for whom it is intended the discounted value of the payment. And consigned is the beneficiary himself.

When a Public Servant voluntarily decides to take a payroll loan with payroll, for example, it commits a percentage of its receipts to monthly installments of the loan.

Thus, for example, if a Federal Public Server (SIAPE) made a payroll loan in the amount of R $ 15,000, it can use a maximum of R $ 4,500 with this type of consignment.

Then, monthly the contracted bank will deduct the amount referring to the installments, or to the installments if it is more than one contract, of the payroll (paycheck or INSS benefit statement). This will occur until the loan is repaid.

But this is just an example of allowable discounts, know the types of consignments.

Types of consignments

What many Pensioners, Pensioners, Public Servants, Military and Workers of private companies do not know is that: there is consignment in the sheet that is not optional, that is, it is obligatory. Whether by court order or by law.

It is therefore important to understand the differences between compulsory consignment and optional consignment .

Compulsory Consignment

This type of consignment in the sheet occurs by force of law or judicial decision. Therefore, policyholders or workers do not have the power to choose whether or not that value will be deducted .

The consignment may be by law or by court order.

Commonly, the consignment in the sheet by law, occurs intermittently, that is, for long periods or for the entire period of exercise of the profession. The contribution to Social Security is an example of the second case.

Allocation by judicial decision can be made for a period of time, stipulated by the decision, until the order is fulfilled.

Optional Consignment

Optional conscription on the sheet is all that depends on the approval of the taxpayer . That is, the amount will only be debited from the authorized payroll.

As the term itself suggests is the consignment that can be chosen. Therefore, it is optional.

But it is worth mentioning that the voluntary assignment can also be an agreement between the taxpayer and the company in which he works, due to a common benefit. Such as, for example, health insurance, life insurance, among others.

Who can use the payroll?

Public servants, workers governed by the CLT and Military can have the consignment in the payroll.

Beneficiaries of the INSS, such as Retirees and Pensioners, have the automatic deduction of the benefits – retirement or pension .

Another common question is what can be effectively factored in between the two types of consignment on the existing sheet.

What can be recorded?

Generally, groups cited can record long-term payments and benefits. Usually, short-term contracts for optional assignments are not accepted.

It is worth remembering that the debt arising from the consignments in the sheet belongs solely and exclusively to the consignment takers , whether active or not.

Therefore, if there is loss or reduction of income, this debt should be paid by the payee.

But what exactly can have consignment on the payroll?

Good question. The consignment in the payroll can have the following discounts:

Compulsory Consignment :

  • Contribution to Social Security;
  • Public Servant Social Security Plan;
  • Alimony;
  • Union contributions;
  • Among others.

Optional Consignment :

  • Payroll loan;
  • Life insurance;
  • Voluntary Food Pension;
  • Health plan;
  • Financing;
  • Among others.

Consignment on the sheet is performed by systems that generate and process payroll, paycheck or benefits. In the case of INSS insured, they are made by Dataprev and Federal Public Servants by SIGEPE.

Certainly the consignment in the sheet that have become increasingly common, is the consigned loan. Find out now what it is and what this option offers advantages.

What is Payroll Loan?

Loan and money

The payroll loan was one of the financial operations that grew the most in recent years in the financial market.

And the explanation for this is a very attractive set of facilities and advantages. Such as:

  • Lower interest rates : Some banks offer 3 to 4 times lower rates than overdrafts and conventional credit cards;
  • Flexible payment terms : the term of the payroll loan agreement may vary according to the type of agreement, but the average is over 70 months;
  • Credit released to negatives : no research to SPC / SERASA ;
  • Simulation and online contracting : practicality and ease of simulating and making the loan online .

There are many advantages other than those mentioned, but it is worth noting that the term payroll, or payroll, is not just for the loan.

The term consignar means to leave in the power of, that is, the borrower leaves part of his salary in the power of the authorized banking institution with the purpose of repaying the installment of the loan.

The CONSIG loan nad it is one of the optional assignments, and resembles the common personal loan.

Two major differences are precisely in the payroll and interest rate assignment.

The interest rate for Retirees and Pensioners INSS is 2.08% per month. Public servants have a nominal rate of 2.05% per month .

This type of consignment is aimed at Retirees, Pensioners, Public Servants , military and workers governed by the CLT, whose payer has an agreement with the chosen financial institution.

And, unlike the ordinary personal loan, the taxpayer who takes the payroll loan must respect the assignable margin of 35% of the total value of its benefits.

Of these, 5% is restricted to withdrawals and payments from the payroll deductible credit card .

This amount corresponds to the maximum amount of loans that can be made on a payroll.

And so it is so important to consult the consignable margin, to know effectively how much is being consigned and how much of the limit is still free.

Learn how to check your assignable margin online now.

How to check the assignable margin?

Therefore, the reserve margin is the percentage of the benefits that can be committed monthly by the optional consignment, related exclusively to the consigned loan.

To find out exactly what your assignable margin is, check deadlines and credit limits, just access the online payroll simulator .

How to Hire a Payday Loan?

How to Hire a Payday Loan?

The payroll loan can be hired online. And best of all, is the possibility of comparing interest rates and receiving proposals from several banks.

To simulate credit or paycheck credit card online, you need only RG, CPF, proof of residence and income.