An instant loan is nothing more than an installment loan, only that the processing and the payout differ from a normal loan. This loan is now awarded very often. In a fast world, few want to wait long for a purchase.

What is a cash loan with immediate payment needed for?

What is a cash loan with immediate payment needed for?

Often a cash advance with immediate payment is required. But why is it like that? Many loans are transferred to the account after a few days, but in some life situations, this time is not fast enough.

If you want to purchase or have an important invoice, customers want to pay immediately and in some cases have to. To ensure that these purchases and invoices can be made quickly, there is the special cash advance with immediate payment.

Especially in times when there are special offers that are only offered for a limited time, quick action is required. This can be, for example, a vehicle or a computer that is currently being offered very cheaply. No matter what the reason for taking the loan, the banks have prepared for it.

Fast application – fast payout?

Fast application - fast payout?

With a cash loan with immediate payment, it is actually the case that between the application and the payout sometimes only hours can be. For very small amounts, such as 500 €, it may even come to immediate payment. While the application must always be checked by the bank, the Schufa, but the bank costs only minutes.

For higher amounts, it may take one to two days to pay out. The bank does not always have the money in stock because there are several clients who apply for a loan at the same time. Add to that the security aspect. A bank never stocks too much.

Should the customer now apply for a high sum of over 10,000 euros, the waiting time is a little longer. However, the bank may be asked to provide the loan by express transfer. That is quite possible and not so rare. So the whole process can be accelerated.

Is it possible for anyone to apply for the loan

Is it possible for anyone to apply for the loan

Some are wondering if the cash advance can be requested with immediate payment from anyone. The question is justified and the answer is a clear no. Banks always want to make money when they lend. Those who make ends meet are often excluded. This has a clear background. A loan always means to the borrower that he has debts for several months. These debts to the bank must be paid.

Who gets social benefits such as unemployment benefits or Hartz 4, who will receive no credit. Even if the office transfers a certain sum to the customer every month, the bank does not count it as an income, because that’s not it. The payments are always social benefits from the state and these may not be seized by law.

Thus, these persons are excluded in principle and without exception and can not borrow from any bank or savings bank. It is different with trainees. Even if they are still at the beginning of their careers, they earn money. Although this is not very high, a trainee can also take out a loan with collateral.

The bank is a guarantor of collateral. A guarantor can also be used for low-paid or pensioners over 70 years. A guarantor is always a hedge for the savings bank or bank. Who gives money, would like to have it again someday. This is also the case with banks, because no bank runs the risk of not getting the money back.